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"Our Expedition: The Coexistence" (2017)

Cameron Douglas Craig's Our Expedition (2017)OUR EXPEDITION: THE COEXISTENCE is a lecture series created and delivered by Professor Cameron Douglas Craig, a Professor Laureate in the Department of Geology-Geography at Eastern Illinois University.  In a slightly unorthodox manner, Professor Craig presents important ideas in series thought provoking questions to his students about our existence in this magnificent world we call home.  Questions are posed and the students discuss the answers; however, Professor Craig continues to pose more questions for the purpose of pushing students to think for themselves rather than giving them the answers they so desperately want.  His method to the madness is simple, “Ask the questions and make humanity answer those questions for themselves so that they are held accountable for their decisions…this way, the individual cannot blame another for their mistake!”

This film has yet to be released. Anticipated released date is August 22, 2017.


Our Expedition: The Coexistence is a co-production of TCPFilms and Eastern Illinois University.

"Nature's Fury and the Human Spirit: The Charleston and Mattoon Tornado" (2017)

CDCraig: Nature's Fury and the Human Spirit (2017)At 3:45 P.M. on the 26th day of May 1917, a ominous cloud appeared on the western fringes of Mattoon, Illinois. The cloud had a black with green appearance throwing debris into the air. Within a very short time, a portion of the two prairie cities were leveled. After the storm blew through, the sun began to shine on the quiet cities as people who sought shelter began to appear to assess the damage. It was on this day that God showed his will to protect or his desire to destroy.

Using historical documents and letters and descendents of those witnesses, the story of one of America's worst natural disasters is presented.


Nature's Fury and the Human Spirit is a production of TCPFilms and produced by Cameron Douglas Craig and William Lovekamp, Ph.D.

"Illinois' Skies" Quarterly Magazine (2014)

The prairie is not a land flat and unbecoming but a land fruitful of possibilities. It is the foundation of our existence for many centuries to come. The prairie is the game board on which the skies above influence the land and the future of its people.

Illinois' Skies is a quarterly magazine that features stories about the skies and landscapes of Illinois, the Midwest, the Nation, and the world. You may not realize it, but this is the story about you, the resident of the Illinoisan landscape. Whether your family has been here for generations or you just moved from another region, your story was and continues to be shaped by the environment.

The magazine is hosted by Eastern Illinois University geographers, Cameron Craig and Chris Laingen.

"Expedition Endurance: Without Water, We Are Nothing" (2014)

"Expedition Endurance" is a documentary produced by Cameron Craig and Nathan Page with Darius Holland and Aric Pelafas of Eastern Illinois University. The team will venture to the Southwest United States to document the dwindling water resources in hopes of changing current attitudes here in the Midwest as well as the world that there is a water shortage problem. If the current generations of our planet are unable to realize the significance of their overconsumption of the precious resource, they will find it extremely difficult to exist in a different world than they are used to. This is the problem. The film is the evidence. Without sugar coating the problem, the filmmakers will make the point and one by one the attitudes will change.

The documentary film is a co-production of TCPFilms, the Center for Academic Technology Support, the Department of Geology/Geography, and the College of Sciences at Eastern Illinois University.

"Returning to Paradise: Voices of the Human Spirit" (2011)

"Returning to Paradise: Voices of the Human Spirit" is the documentary film that focuses on the impact of the BP oil spill disaster on humans. This new style of documentary for TCPFilms, directed by Cameron Douglas Craig and Zach Nugent, focuses on the lives of several Dauphin Island, Alabama residents two months after the Deepwater Horizon disaster and again in February 2011. The film presents the viewpoints of the disaster from the residents and businesses impacted by the spill. Viewer perceptions will be changed from what has been seen on major media outlets.

Although the oil spill is an ecological disaster for the Gulf, "Returning to Paradise: Voices of the Human Spirit" presents a true look of the impact the disaster had on the human component. Viewers will learn more about the disaster through the voices that struggled and continue to struggle to survive.

"Returning to Paradise: Voices of the Human Spirit" A Preview (2011)

Returning to Paradise is a new style of documentary film for Cameron Craig whose previous works below focused on historical and philosophical topics. The new film will focus on the human character to overcome adversity.

Shot entirely on Grand Isle, Lousiana, Point Clear and Dauphin Island, Alabama the film is presented in an objective manner without Craig's traditional commentary to get the viewers thinking. "The interviews alone will get the viewers thinking about the issues Gulf coast residents are faced with," Craig stated. "The one-hour, uncut interview on a porch on Dauphin Island sparked a wildfire of discussions in my senior seminar without my influence. Therefore, no commentary is needed in this new film and the viewer will learn more about the full impact the oil spill has on humanity."

"An Illinois Winter" (First EIU Production, 2006)

"An Illinois Winter" examines the harsh "Winter of the Deep Snow" in 1830-31 that defined Illinois...its people and the struggle for survival against nature. This was the first production of EIU WeatherCenter students enrolled in the Broadcast Meteorology Practicum.

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"Expedition Nature's Realm: A Documentary Series" (2007)

"Expedition Nature's Realm" is an eight-part documentary series directed and produced by Cameron Douglas Craig and Kevin H. Jeanes that explores the coexistence between humanity and nature that is Earth. Throughout the series, issues that concern the future of the natural environment are presented with vivid images of nature at work in the past and present with the hopes that viewers make their own decision what is to be done for the future. After all, we are all equal and temporary inhabitants of this precious but fragile dot in a very large universe.

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"Stinging Dust & Forgotten Lives: The Dust Bowl" (2008)

Over a hundred years ago people left the American east to find a better life. They migrated and established homestead throughout the Great Plains. There, they would prosper with fields of plenty, until, they exhausted the land. Again, they migrated westward to find a better life and provide opportunities for their starving children. "Stinging Dust & Forgotten Lives" presents the effects of the Dust Bowl on humanity during the 1930s. Meteorological conditions are often the first to blame, however, it was economic gain of the nation that doubled the unfortunate fate of the dusters.

Learn more and watch excerpts from the film...

"Exploring Illinois' Winter on the Prairie" (2010)

"Illinois' Winter on the Prairie" is a student production from Tempestas et Caelum productions and EIU WeatherCenter. Several students researched topics of winter and presented them for a 30 minute documentary film magazine.

The project is the second of its type that promotes integrative learning in the Department of Geology/Geography at Eastern Illinois University. Not only are the students learning the scientific aspects of broadcast meteorology, they are engaged in communicating interesting weather phenomena, history, and folklore to educate our communities about the skies above Illinois.

"A World of Winter" (First TCPFilms Production, 2004)

The Indiana State University Climate Laboratory presents its first production on Indiana's Winter with various topics ranging from the top three snowstorms of Indiana's last 50 years to the truth behind the wooly worm's telling of the upcoming winter. Join the ISUCL Team on a journey that describes Indiana's Winter.

This was the first production of Tempestas et Caelum Productions.