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In Time :: Nature through Time (2014)

In Time (2014) from Tempestas et Caelum Films on Vimeo.

David Mitchell and Cameron Douglas Craig provide us with a look through time in nature. Think about your contribution towards nature. Are you violating nature with your trash and garbage? Think about the future generations that will, one day, have to clean up after you.

Explore Our World :: Department of Geology/Geography (2014)

Explore Our World :: Geology/Geography EIU (2014) from Tempestas et Caelum Films on Vimeo.

Explore your world. Consider choosing Geography or Geology as your major at Eastern Illinois University.

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"Integrative Learning at EIU" (2011)

Integrative Learning in LCBAS: Spotlight on TAGA from Tempestas et Caelum Films on Vimeo.

The Technical Association of Graphic Arts (TAGA) is a student organization on the campus of Eastern Illinois University offered through the School of Technology. Faculty and students discuss their perspectives and experiences within TAGA.

"Ecuador: A First Class Adventure" (2010)

Ecuador: A First Class Adventure from Tempestas et Caelum Films on Vimeo.

This field program will provide a cross cultural and scientific experience as participants, over a three week period of time, traverse and explore unique ecological zones along the Equator. The course combines the study of cultural geography and earth science including the historical role of Indigenous, Hispanic, and Afro-Ecuadorians from the colonial period to the present time.